For all those who are planning to construct a new home in an area susceptible to bushfire, you need to ensure that it complies with AS3959–2009.

AS3959–2009 is an Australian Standard that was set to enhance houses’ ability to endure a bushfire incident. It outlines distinct specifications for a house’s construction, depending on the level or intensity of the bushfire attack in your area.

This standard also determines the type of construction material that needs to be used for building various structures around the house – one of them being the gutter guards.

Defining Gutter Guard

A gutter guard ensures that all the leaves and wastes stay out of your gutters and downpipes to prevent blockage. Gutter mesh, especially Gutter Guard King’ Gutter Mesh, is a well-known type of gutter guard, with over 25 years in the industry. Gutter Guard King’ mesh makes sure that everything except rainwater does not go into the gutter. 

As leaves catch fire easily, acting as a source of fuel to the bushfire, they increase the possibilities of the house burning. This threat has forced many house owners to install gutter guards, particularly gutter mesh. But, before buying one, always check whether it fulfills the AS3959–2009 criteria.

Understanding the AS3959–2009  Standard

The AS3959–2009 construction standard does not call for the installation of gutter guards in bushfire susceptible areas with a BAL of 12.5, 19, 29, 40, or FZ. However, it instructs that whenever a gutter guard is installed, it should be made from a non-combustible material such as aluminium.

Other Considerations

At  Gutter Guard King, all our gutter guard products are suitable for preventing bushfires, we still encourage you to take some other key factors relevant to your area or house into close consideration while buying a gutter guard.

We suggest that you select a gutter guard that has an aperture size small enough to restrict the entry of leaves but one that still allows rainwater to enter. Also, keep the size of embers in your mind when selecting a gutter mesh, it is better to opt for an ember guard complaint mesh with the right aperture size. Our 2mm ember mesh can prove to be a good choice. 

Gutter Guard King “Mesh Calculator”

Always feel comfortable using the Gutter Guard King “Mesh Calculator” before making any decision. This quick and easy to use app asks you a few simple questions and analyzes the answers to provide you with mesh options which fulfill your requirements.