Subtle winters and a window of opportunities to absorb vitamin D are among the multitude of benefits that accompany living in the Australian climate. But, offsetting these positives, this climate also brings the terrible threat of bushfire every summer.

Bushfire Causing The Arrival Of Ember Attack

You may realize that your home is at risk with the approaching bushfire front. Yet, you may not be aware that a lot of homes burn even before contact with the bushfire front. In reality, it is primarily the ember attack which leads to the burning of over 85% of homes through bushfires. 

The wind carries ember and burning debris ahead of the bushfire front, resting around or into your home which leads to ignition. 

In addition to this, holes around your home, plants in the lawn, and dried leaves and waste further facilitate the probability of burning.  

Gutters Acting As A Line Of Defense

Waste and leaves which are carried by the wind to the inside of your gutters catch fire easily. Therefore, we believe that your gutters can act as a key line of defense, allowing your home to combat ember attack and the demolition caused by fire. 

One way to prevent this fire is through regular gutter cleaning. Regular gutter cleaning can be expensive and has to be done regularly. A professional will charge you hundreds of dollars for cleaning your gutters every three months, whereas, taking this responsibility in your hands can be timetaking and possibly prove to be injurious for you, especially when you are already worried about a bushfire. 

Considering the above, you are recommended to use gutter mesh to halt the entry of leaves and waste at ascendency.

Gutter Guard Mesh 

Gutter Guard King Mesh is designed to fit over your gutters to keep debris, pests, leaves, and other waste items out. Gutter Guard King’ mesh for eaves and fascia are angled according to the roof edges to provide advanced protection. This allows leaves and debris to easily rest on the top of the mesh which is easily removed later.

As per the bushfire standards regarding construction, gutter guards such as gutter mesh should be manufactured from non-combustible materials. Thus, we recommend you to look for mesh with an aperture size no greater than 2mm, this being the recommended size that does not let embers in.

This is the reason why we at Gutter Guard King, propose our 2mm aluminium ember mesh as a gutter guard for homes in bushfire susceptible areas.

Think About Defending Your Home

There are several ways to protect your home from the menaces of bushfire. Australian standards (AS3959-2009) for building homes in areas susceptible to bushfire throw some light on some of these ways. This standard clearly explains rulings for ‘gutter guard’ and ’ember guard adaptable mesh’ in detail, which proves to be a necessary resource for people looking forward to building a new home.

Don’t forget to contact your local fire officials for more details and resources on this subject.