It is well known to everyone about the job of gutters, i.e., to catch and redirect the rainwater away from the home foundation. But while doing their job, they get clogged due to some outside elements. This type of situation damages the property from the exterior and interior sides. As the water will not flow through gutters, it will sit over there, and that will make walls weaker by eating all the materials. Thus it is quite necessary that you should keep your gutters clogged-free and should offer proper maintenance to them. 

What’s the Best Way to Avoid Clogged Gutters

What’s the Best Way to Avoid Clogged Gutters

Besides this, there are several other Best Way to Avoid Clogged Gutters too that will help you in keeping your gutters free from debris and dead leaves. Continue your reading to know about more points. 

  • Offer Regular Maintenance To Your Gutters 

You should not ignore your rain gutter because if they get clogged, then rainwater will start entering inside your home and also will cause huge damage to the roof. The first step in preventing the clogging of your gutters is to ensure proper maintenance. Well-maintained gutters do not get clogged. Whenever you have time, grab a ladder and try to remove dead leaves and debris from the gutters. You should clean your gutter at least 2 times a year, and if you are residing near trees, the frequency of cleaning will increase. Thus with regular maintenance and cleaning, you can avoid this problem and ensure better functionality of gutters. 

If you are not able to clean your gutters on your own, then you can take the help of professional gutters cleaners. They will ensure the utmost cleaning of your gutters with safety and precautions.   

  • Do Monthly Inspection Of Gutters And Downspouts

Debris most often gets collected at the point where the gutter system meets the downspouts. This creates a clogging situation and prevents the proper flow of rainwater. Water will get collected at the mouth of downspouts, and overflowing will start that will run down through the side walls into the foundation and through crevices and whole or breakage it will reach the basement. Also, the accumulation of water may bring airborne diseases. You can avoid such problems with monthly inspections and proper cleaning schedules.

  • Trimming Of Trees

If there are trees near your home, then it is most obvious that due to heavy winds, leaves will get collected on your roof and gutters. Dropping of leaves will clog gutters and prevent the flow of water. 

If you can not remove them completely, you can prune them so that leaves will remain away from the roof. Thus you should trim the trees whose branches are hovering over the gutter system. The minimum distance you need to create is eight feet between the tree and gutter system. However, after doing all these things too, you can not completely prevent the entrance of leaves into your gutters. There will be a need to clean them after some interval.  

  • Install Leaf Guards

It is time to add a cap on your gutter system to keep your surrounding and property properly maintained. Installing a leaf catcher will ease your job of cleaning the gutter more often. It does not allow the collection of leaves inside the gutters. Every debris and leaves will be sent towards the downpipe. As all leaves will get collected near to ground thus, there will be no requirement to climb the ladder to collect and remove them. Another good point about the leaf catcher is that it is quite easy to install, so you can do it on your own too.      

  • Timely Repair Of Roof

Leaves are not the only reason for clogged gutters. Besides trimming trees and regular maintenance, you should also get your roof repaired if there is anything required. It is because when rain occurs, and there is debris collected from the roofing material, then it will directly go into gutters with rainwater. Also, if shingles are not in good condition, then they may fall off and result in meshing the gutter. Thus if you find any of your shingles in bad condition, then get them repaired without waiting for the last moment.   

  • Install Gutter Guards

To get rid of frequently climbing ladders and cleaning gutters, you should install guards over the gutters. Different types of leaf guards are available in the market, and each one of them works differently and effectively in order to control the entrance of leaves in the gutter. Installing a gutter guard is quite effective in keeping your gutters clogged-free. By investing a small amount in premium quality gutter guards, you will increase the lifespan of your gutters and obliterate all options that can block the gutters. 

Different types of gutters guard, such as reverse curve, screen, micro mesh, brush, and foam gutter guards, are available, and you can select the best one which suits your requirement. Also, it will be more beneficial to get gutter guards installed by professionals. As they hold expertise and years of experience in installing different types of gutters, your work will be done in the most proficient manner.       

What Problems Will Be Caused Due To Clogged Gutters?

Obviously, it is not a good thing for your gutters and home if your gutters remain clogged. Here we are stating some of the common problems that might occur due to clogged gutters. 

Roof Damage: If your gutters are not fully functional, then it will affect your home roof. Water will sit in gutters for a long duration due to blockage, which will cause damage to the edges and materials of the roof. With constant water contact, materials such as wood and shingles will become weak. And finally, there will be a requirement to replace the wood and other materials.    

Structural Damage: Due to clogged gutters, water will not flow smoothly, and overflowing situations will occur. All water will get collected near the foundation. If it is left untreated for a longer time, then it will result in generating cracks in the foundation. As the foundation gets damaged, it will result in structural damage. 

Those houses having fascia boards (used for holding gutters) experience water damage due to blocked gutters. Fascia boards are present at the bottom of the roof and protect homes from water damage. Due to clogged gutters, fascia boards will remain in continuous touch of water, which will deteriorate the material of fascia boards. It will create a risky situation, and due to damage, fascia boards might fall down if conditions get critical.  

Pests Everywhere: Nobody wants pest infestation in their home. But due to clogged gutters, this problem may arise in your home. Different types of insects breed in stagnant water, which brings different airborne diseases. Besides this, carpenter ants, termites, and other pests will make their habitat in that stored water. And these pests will destroy the wooden material used in roofing. 

Slip and Fall Risk: When water gets collected in clogged gutters, water will start falling from different places, and that will create a slippery condition. Also, unexpected fall of water onto a walkway, entry, or driveway will ruin your property look. If you fail to notice the fallen water, then it will lead to some unexpected incident.   

Basement Flooding:  The overflowed water will seep deep into the basement, which will destroy the foundation and create a complex problem. If your basement is not waterproof, then water will pour down into it and will create a wet basement. Continuous water pouring will lead to a damp basement. 

Compromise With Inside Of Home: A clogged gutter will not only disturb the outer look of your home, but it will also cause damage to the inner section of your home. Because of clogged gutters, the water will seep inside the roof, and all electrical systems, furniture, and decorative pieces will be at risk of deterioration. 

Also, the frames of windows and doors are not crafted in such a manner to withstand that much water exposure. And if it is left untreated for a longer duration, then it will weaken the material. Homeowners experience this issue when doors get swelled and do not close properly. Along with this, there will be the appearance of mould and cracks.  

Damaged Gutters: The job of gutters is to channel rainwater away from the house so that it does not cause any damage to the roof and foundation. If your gutters get clogged, that means water will get accumulated inside the gutters, which will lead to damage to the gutters. This damage can result in broken gutters, holes in your roof, rusting, corrosion, and even water infiltration into your walls. If you notice any of these signs of gutter damage, contact a contractor to clear your gutters. 

The Bottom Line

Gutters are a vital part of your home’s drainage system, but they can also become clogged over time. If this happens, it can cause several damages, including affecting the look of your property. There are a few things you can do to prevent this from happening, and we have mentioned them above. Keep an eye on the condition of your gutters and regularly clear away any debris that accumulates; this will help to keep the gutters clean. Finally, make sure to call a professional gutter cleaner if you notice any signs of clogged water. 

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