Every property manager knows how time-consuming and onerous gutter cleaning can be for the maintenance staff. It is a regular task that may be done quarterly, monthly, or even after every two weeks, depending on the design of your property, and the foliage and vegetation at the site’s location. There is always a threat of costly flood damage from blocked gutters and downpipes; so surely, not cleaning your gutter is never a good choice.

A suitable mesh used as a gutter guard can control the risk of blocking gutters and pipes, thus, uplifting your workspace productiveness by limiting the time spent by the staff cleaning the gutter.

Gutter Mesh Helps But How?   

Gutter mesh allows only water in the gutters while blocking the leaves and debris from entering by forming a physical barrier over the gutter. On sloping roof edges, the gutter mesh is placed at an optimal angle with the roof, which results in the formation of a ski-slope effect through which leaves are scrubbed off easily. 

As leaves and debris are kept out of your gutters, the chances of blocking and flooding diminish, as well as the need for regular gutter cleaning. Thus, installing gutter mesh will help to improve your work productivity, especially in such a case where your maintenance staff spends hours every week cleaning gutters.

Let’s Do The Math

What is the total time gutter mesh can save for your maintenance staff?

To answer this question we need to go through a description of every property. However, the formula for calculating the annual time for gutter cleaning will not change.

First of all, count the number of buildings on which your staff will be working on and multiply it with the average time it takes to clean its gutters (this will also include the time spent for setting and packing). Then, multiply this number obtained with the number of staff members required for cleaning the gutter, and finally, multiply this calculated number with cleaning frequency. Now you have obtained your annual gutter cleaning time.

For example, if there are 15 buildings in a university campus and each building requires three staff members to clean its gutters in 2.5 hours, whereas the cleaning frequency is once every two weeks, annual gutter time calculated in such a situation is 2,925 hours.

Imagine how many other chores your staff could do if they were not busy cleaning those gutters regularly? (Or how quickly the savings would increase if you are no longer hiring contractors for the same task?)

Getting The Right Mesh

Certainly, to avail maximum yield from your mesh, you must select the gutter mesh which suits perfectly to your building/s and location. In some types of mesh, the leaves and debris may slide off easily, but in some, they may get stuck. At Gutter Guard King, we pride ourselves and supply a premium quality mesh compatible with Australian standards to, further protect and prevent your home or workplace from any inconsistencies due to maintenance.