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Gutters play an important role in maintaining your building roofs. It’s a long term maintenance solution to prevent blocked gutters. We at Gutter Guard King, having 20 years of experience in providing gutter protection and gutter guard supply services in Campbelltown. We offer the most convenient, affordable and great quality gutter cleaning services in Campbelltown. We have a team of experienced professionals, fully trained in gutter cleaning & Gutter Guard Installation Campbelltown and we are fully insured.

Gutters are an integral piece of your home, and the regular gutter cleaning is important.If a gutter is clogged up with leaves, you can end up with some issues like excess water flow and unnecessary damage. So, blocked gutters are big no-nos if you want to preserve your home from any kind of damage. With our gutter cleaning Campbelltown service, we direct water away from the house and can preserve your non-waterproof elements from getting damage.

Gutter Guard King at Campbelltown, provides gutter guard solutions for all kinds of residential and commercial buildings. We offer complete gutter cleaning, gutter guard installation, gutter protection for Roofs in Campbelltown.


Gutter guard protect you and your building from the following problems-

  • Rain – Rain gutter guards can help prevent clogs from debris.

  • Leaves & DebrisSki slope effect ensures that all leaves & debris simply slide off your roof with gravity.

  • Pine Needles – If you have a pine tree near your home, you may look for the best pine needle gutter guards.

  • Birds – No place for birds or pest to enter or rest in your gutters.

  • Bushfire – No more fears of bushfire & ember attack as the mesh if fire proof and will prevent any dry material building up in your gutters keeping them clean and empty.

We provide full roof protection. We protect the gutters and the valleys on all types of roofs such as

  • For all Roofs, our guards are uniforms.

  • You can choose your favorite color, guard.

  • Drinking water is safe to drink by using gutter protection.

  • Our security guards are anti-sheeting.

We deliver across CAMPBELLTOWN and its surrounding



Campbelltown is a town about 42 kilometers from the central business district of Sydney, located on the outskirts of the metropolitan area of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. We provide our services in Campbelltown and all its surrounding areas. Campbelltown Gutter Cleaners helps you in protecting your gutter. . We also serve nearby the Campbelltown such as Horsley Park, Cecil Park, Smithfield, Campbelltown, Harrington Grove, Fairfield and Oran Park. Gutter Guard King helps you in protecting your gutter. We deal with the following types:


Gutter Guard King helps you in protecting your gutter. We protect all kind of gutters. Some of the gutters named as

  • Tile Gutter

  • Klip Lok Gutter

  • Corrugated Gutter

  • Trim Dek Gutter

  • Corrugated Valley

  • Tile Valley





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Different Types of Gutter Guards System

Bottlebrush Gutter Guards

The gout guards are cylindrical for bottlebrush. Their presence is much like a brush that cleans wood. It is easy to use gutter security. Make sure you clean your gutter before installing this sort of guard. This guard filter out a large amount of debris very well. The spikes are present in the guards that pass air to dry out the gutter. As a result, your gutter remains free from rusting. Such brushes require one-year cleaning. Simply remove the gutter guard and shake it off to clean bottle brush gutter cover. You can use this form of gutter guard to save time, energy, and money.

Foam Gutter Guards

Foam gout guards are also known as replacements for foam gutters. This fits easily inside the gutters. They are blocking all the garbage to get into gutters. They only allow the water to pass. Those gutter guards consist of polyurethane foam and polyether. Such foam guards can be easily installed inside your gutter. After every two years, you need to replace those guards. It might be a cheap option to install these types of guards, but its frequent replacement makes it more costly than others.

Mesh Gutter Guards

Screen gutter guards come in plastic as well as in metal form. These are widely available and affordable option to guard your gutters. It easily gets installed. But there is one disadvantage of this gutter guard that it get tends to rust, and it might cause the stain to your home. So, you can opt plastic form of this gutter guard to get rid of this problem. Small tiny needles also get stuck in this gutter guard. The plastic screen gutter guards get blow when the strong wind blows.

Screen Gutter Guards

Such brushes require one-year cleaning. Simply remove the gutter guard and shake it off to clean bottle brush gutter cover. You can use this form of gutter guard to save time, energy, and money. So, you can opt plastic form of this gutter guard to get rid of this problem. Small tiny needles also get stuck in this gutter guard. The plastic screen gutter guards get blow when the strong wind blows.

Reverse Curve Gutter Guards

Reverse curve gutter guards are designed to bring the rainwater downside. It also drops down all the debris and leaves from the top and does not allow the collection of debris in your gutter. They are the oldest type of available gutter guards. But it requires specific changes before application. Many manufacturers have tried to make the improvement in this gutter guard, but they didn’t get succeeded. They are not easy to install. The curved section creates debris under the curve. 


How to Choose the Right Gutter guard



Before taking the new gutter guard, you must examine the material of the gutter guard. A cheap quality material product is not durable and safe for your premises. You can take aluminum-based gutter guards that are light in weight and are easy to install. It also remains safe from corrosion. Gutter guards with ribbed surfaces are the best ones to install because they can resist heavy rainfall and strong wind.


 The efficiency of the gutter guard depends on design. The nose-forward design is one of the most used gutter guard design that prevents the clogging of waste materials and guarantees a smooth flow of water down to the pipes. 


 Two main types of gutter guards are available. The first one is the sectional gutters that are economical but have chances of getting weakened and creates the possibility of leakage. The second type is the seamless type of gutter. It provides much better protection than the sectional gutters. It is made up of a sheet of metal that gets attached to the downpipe with the force that makes durable. 


Some companies only provide a guarantee on the product, not on the installation. You should check for the company that provides both kinds of guarantees. If the guard does not have the desired quality as per the price, then it should be replaced within the guarantee period. 

How to Clean the Gutter Guard?

For cleaning the gutter guard, you will require drop cloth, ladder, hand protection, and hose as per the requirement. 

Step-1 – Protect your Shrubs 

Firstly place the drop cloth on the area from where you are removing the debris. It will protect your herbs and shrubs and provides an easy way of cleaning. 

Step-2 – Secure the Ladder 

Place the ladder in the stable form and secure it with the available safety measures. For better safety, somebody can hold the bottom of the ladder when you start climbing. 

Step-3 – Climb to a Campbelltown with Use of Hand Protection

You can use gardening gloves to protect your hands from a sharp twig. It will protect your hands in the best possible manner. Wear gloves in both hands before climbing the ladder so that you can clean the gutter guards with both hands.

Step-4 – Remove Waste Materials

After reaching the desired Campbelltown, you can easily remove all the debris from the gutter guard — dropdown all those debris on the drop cloth.

Step-5 – Remove Guard If Possible

If your guards are of hinged or removal type, then you can easily clean it by removing from the gutter. Also, you can clean the gutter if there is an accumulation of dust particles in the gutter. After cleaning them thoroughly, secure them properly at their desired place. 



EXPERTS We have been pioneering the gutter guard industry for over 25 years. Trust your job with the industry gurus.

WARRANTY Get the peace of mind of a manufacturer backed 15 YEARS warranty for product and 5 YEARS for labour.

FIXED PRICE We pride ourself in providing a no nonesense fixed price contract for your job. No Hidden charges with us.

CLEAN GUTTERS Enjoy worry free clean gutters all year round.

TRAINED All our team are fully trained, insured and qualified to install gutter guard to manufacturers standards.

PERFECT HOLE SIZE Our mesh provides the ideal apperture to keep maximum debris out whislt ensuring maximum water in.

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Why Choose Gutter Guard King for Implementing Gutter Guard in Your Home

  • At Gutter Guard King, we have many options to deliver the services under your budget.
  • We are a Campbelltown leading brand in terms of gutter guard system.
  • We are local gutter guard provider, provide you the guards with installation.
  • Our Gutter guards services are available at very reasonable prices.
  • We provide a warranty of 10 years on product and five years on workmanship. 
  • We are serving Campbelltown and surrounding areas from the last 20 years.
  • Our gutter guards are safe to be used in bushfire areas. 
  • We provide same-day gutter guard service. 
  • We don’t have any hidden charges. 
  • We provide the right size of the guard for every gutter. 
  • We have a team of experienced professionals having sufficient knowledge regarding the installation process of the gutter guard. 

Free quotations regarding gutter guards are provided within 24 hours after your request. 


If you’re dealing with unforgiving wrath of the clogged gutter, and want to protect your home with certain issues like rot on roofing, it is must to choose the best gutter guard.
We at Gutter Guard King provide you several benefits with which you can get complete protection from birds nesting, leaves, and debris material, etc. Also, our gutter guards are certified to be fireproof and tested from CSIRO. You can easily install them in the bush fire area without any worry. Your home will be at no risk.


There are several benefits of installing gutter guards. Some of them are explained below.


Reduce Maintenance

Gutters require cleaning after a regular interval of time, and you need to hire a professional to clean it. But if you install gutter guards, cleaning required less often and are much easier to accomplish. So, it is best to install gutter guards. It saves you time and extra cost.

Protects Against Corrosion

If wet debris resides in the rust-prone gutter, then there will be no proper flow of water. And gutter will start getting corroded. With the installation of gutter guards, you can protect your gutter guards from prematurely rusting and can maximize the lifetime of the gutter. 

Avoids Infestation

The gutter guards help in preventing the residence of pests and insects. The flowing water does not allow them to breed in that place. It acts as a barrier between the pests and the gutter.

Fire Prevention

If you are living in areas prone to bushfire, fire protection is essential. So, it is a must to install gutter guards as these guards are fireproof and protect your home from outside fire.  

No More overflowing Gutters

With the installation of gutter guards, you can improve the flow of water through the gutters and downpipes. Gutter guards can stop them from blocking up. The water will flow quickly in the downwards direction without any obstacle.    




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“Professional service and very honest. The guys were on time, clean and polite. And the price was as I was quoted. The gutters look great and clean. Thanks GutterGuard King.”


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“Searched for ever and final found these guys. No fuss and a great job. Product has been up for 2 years now and no more issues with blocked gutters. Highly recommended.”


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“Such a clever system that integrated so well with out new roof. And best of all the council was happy because it was Bushfire Approved.”


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“We have been using GutterGuard King for over 3 years. They are a professional team who work in with our schedule and provide a product that is fully compliant to Australian Building Code. No job is too small or too large for these guys.”


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Protect your home from fire and water damage by cleaning your guttering regularly. But cleaning guttering is not easy, but it’s a risky and difficult task. So, you need to hire a professional for this job. At Gutter Guard King, we provide the best gutter cleaning and installation services in Campbelltown and surrounding areas at affordable prices. Different patterns and different color guards are available with us. We provide same-day service. Contact us to get a free quotation. You can reach us at 1800 188 000. We are available 24X7 hours to solve your problem.

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